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Where did you get the name “Enceladus” from?

We chose the name from one Saturn’s moons. Enceladus is one the most reflective bodies in the Solar System due to fresh, clean ice erupting from its cryovolcanoes. Having been fascinated by space for years, we loved the idea of naming our distillery after a bright beacon in our night’s sky.

How many botanicals are in your Gin?


Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes. We produce our base spirits onsite from sugar (gin) or malted barley (whisky), which means, unlike some other spirits on the market, all our products are vegan friendly.

Where can I buy?

We are currently working on distribution at liquor stores around the country. Online sales coming soon.

What makes an “Old Tom”?

An old tom gin is sweetened post final distillation with sugar or botanicals which impart additional sweetness into the gin.

Do you offer smaller casks for investors?

No, we don’t. We only offer casks that we use ourselves, such as 200ltr ex-bourbon casks, 225ltr ex-NZ wine casks and 500ltr sherry casks. This is so you can get the same level of finish as the whiskies we make ourselves. Cask types are subject to availability.

Private Casks

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