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The Distillery

Enceladus is located north of Wellington amongst the family friendly centre of Brewtown.

Our focus is to produce only high quality, premium products, crafted from with passion start to finish. The process of making our products starts from producing all our base spirit from scratch, allowing total control of the base spirit before it continues its journey onto becoming whisky, gin or one of our liqueurs.

This also gives us and our customers peace of mind knowing that our products are quality controlled from ferment to bottle.

We started with the idea on producing New Zealand single malt whisky finished in specially selected New Zealand wine casks. But as the distillery went from R&D to production, Gin and Liqueurs have become part of focus as well.

Whisky takes time, but while we wait, our Flagship contemporary gin, ASTRA, has taken centre stage and is now available around the country from local bottle stores. Our liqueurs will be available later 2023 and whisky in a few years time.

Join us on our journey and our amazing spirits.

The Gin Process


Hand selected and made from scratch

A cornerstone to the concept of Enceladus was to create premium New Zealand spirits without compromise.

From the base alcohol, our botanical selection and preparation, through to distillation, the entire process of creating our premium spirits is conducted within the distillery.

Three simple ingredients

Our base ethanol, used in our core gin range, is produced onsite by fermenting sugar, yeast and water by our head distiller. This allows full control over the quality of the final gin from the first moment of production. This also allows us to make a gin that is completely Vegan friendly.

After fermentation, our sugar wash is distilled in our 900 litre pot still until our low wines distillate settles into the receiver.

In order to produce a finer final product, the low wines is carbon filtered to remove any impurities and then is readied for maceration with our primary gin botanicals, Juniper, Coriander and Rosehip, prior to distillation.

The remaining botanicals are then placed in the inline gin basket for vapour infusion to create a high proof gins ready for settling and proofing down with pristine water from the Remutaka Ranges.

Discover Astra here and Halo here.

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